I help you eliminate your problem altogether

See results fast-

Using a powerful combination of the latest advanced hypnotherapy techniques, tailored to you, I am able to deliver results in a fraction of the time of traditional counselling or psychotherapy approaches. Although these other therapies have their place, they usually rely on teaching you how to live with your problem. When you come to see me, I help you eliminate it altogether.


'I'm writing on behalf of my daughter who you treated for both anorexia and bulimia. I have to say that after just three sessions with you, she is a completely different girl. No longer is she obsessed with food and eating and her desire to purge after consuming any type and amount of food is gone. Thank you for giving her her life back and I wish you all the best with your practice.' Mother of 16 year old girl

Treatment works even if you've suffered for years-

I've helped many people overcome often longstanding psychological and physical conditions like yours, usually within just a few sessions. Clients who have lived with problems for years are frequently amazed at just how quickly they feel better. Just imagine...how would it feel being free of whatever's been troubling you in just a couple of weeks?

'After just three sessions with you, finally the fog has lifted. No longer do I need the chemical props I used to rely on. I'm now looking forward to the future with a new optimism. Thank you.' Male, 27

Therapy should be fun and enjoyable-

If you come to see me, you'll discover that I place considerable emphasis on establishing and maintaining a caring and therapeutic relationship with you. This is fundamental in ensuring that you achieve the results you're seeking in the shortest possible time. I'll also seek to make the sessions fun and enjoyable. After all, you've put up with whatever's been bothering you for long enough.

'Dear Neville. I think that your clever wizardry is working! I am feeling more positive and better able to cope. Still smiling! Thank you so much.' Email received from female, 52 successfully treated for depression and anxiety.

No need for you to go through bad times again-

Some so called therapists believe that getting a client to re-live some past trauma or painful experience is an essential part of therapy. I'm not one of them. If something does come to the surface then we'll deal with it. But in a sensitive and gentle way that allows you to distance yourself from any unwanted emotions.

Phone me today on 01803 842 464 to discover how few sessions it could take to be completely free of your problem or habit!

Neville Mundy BSc (hons), MSc, C Hyp, Dip EH P NLP, MFHT