Hypnotherapy's not just for adults

Successfully treated many problems-

I've successfully treated many problems in children from ADHD to zoophobia (fear of animals). Some of the more common ones include sleeping difficulties, school-related anxiety and pre-test nerves, thumb sucking, concentration problems, bedwetting and confidence.

'Just wanted to thank you, *** was asleep in 10 mins last night after going to bed on time; the first time in at least 5 months. Look forward to next session on Tuesday.' Email received from mother of 9 year old girl, successfully treated for sleeping problems.

Wonderful imaginations-

Children usually find it very easy to experience hypnosis. They are so mentally creative that imagining themselves taking off in a spaceship or meeting their favourite cartoon character presents no difficulties whatsoever. In this kind of state, their minds are receptive to positive suggestions and imagery and they are able to discover within themselves the resources needed to overcome their problems.

'I said I'd email you to let you know how **** is doing since his sessions with you. The bullying's stopped and he's now getting his confidence back, not just when mixing with other children, but also in class. His sleep is much better too and the nightmares have stopped. Thank you for all your help.' Testimonial received from mother of schoolboy, age 9 successfully treated for lack of confidence, low self-esteem and sleeping difficulties.

The power of storytelling-

Children love a good story. They are both absorbing and entrancing. When told in a way that at first parallels a child's difficulties and then leads them to possible solutions, they can be incredibly empowering. I frequently make use of stories (or metaphors, to give them their correct therapeutic name) to bring about positive change in the children I work with.

'Hi Neville,
GOOD NEWS!! I got BB in Science and C in Textiles for my A levels so I got into my first choice at University. I'm now into my second week at Plymouth University doing Primary Science and I'm having a brilliant time.
Thank-you very much
Best Wishes

*******.' Comments received from female, 18 successfully treated for exam nerves.

The right language is essential-

When working therapeutically with children, I always adapt my language and style of delivery to the age and interests of the individual. There's no point in using the term 'positive outcomes' with a six year old. Instead I'd ask the child to imagine how things may be different in the morning if a special magic wand had been waved over them during the night. Matching language in this way ensures that the child feels comfortable and, importantly, understood. 

'I'm pleased to tell you that ****** eczema has almost completely gone. She's a different girl! Thanks.' Email received from mother of girl, age 11 successfully treated for eczema.

It's about identifying and transferring resources-

Say the child I'm working with wants more confidence at school. We'll explore areas where that resource is already present. For instance, the child may feel confident when building models with lego, riding a bike or tying a shoelace. Using hypnosis, combined with other effective techniques, I'll enable the child to enter into that positive state and then we'll 'anchor' it and transfer it to the school situation.

I don't wear a suit!

In the same way that I tailor my language and therapeutic approach to the child, I also dress accordingly. This may seem obvious. However, I recently successfully treated a seven year old boy who had self-esteem issues and problems sleeping. The psychotherapist who he had been seeing always wore a suit and tie and insisted that the boy reclined on a couch out of view! If your child receives therapy from me, I may well be dressed in a polo shirt and trainers, albeit clean ones with the laces done up! And your son or daughter is welcome to sit wherever they like, whether that's on the sofa, floor or favourite beanbag.

'I actually stroked a dog yesterday. It came up to me and I wasn't scared at all!' Message received from 13 year old girl, successfully treated for a fear of dogs.

You're welcome to sit in-

If you'd like to sit-in on the sessions with your child, that's absolutely fine. This can be reassuring for both parties, particularly during our first meeting when it's all a bit new. I'll also visit your child at home if you'd prefer. You then have the option of being in an adjacent room, whilst still providing a degree of privacy for your child to be able to speak about whatever's troubling them.

If you'd like to find out how I could help your son or daughter, please give me a call on 01803 842 464.

Neville Mundy BSc (hons), MSc, C Hyp, Dip EH P NLP, MFHT