Change your life from the comfort of your own home

Are you too far away to come to see me in person?

Are you unable to leave the place where you live due to mobility or other issues?

Do you live outside the UK and would like to access the services of a qualified and experienced English-speaking hypnotherapist?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then you'll be pleased to learn that I also offer hypnotherapy sessions via Skype.

'Greetings Neville from LA. I really enjoyed the two Skype sessions we had. You'll be pleased to know that I've got my confidence back and am sleeping through the night too. College is going great!' Male, 23

 What is Skype?

Skype is a computer program that can be used to make free voice and video calls over the internet to anyone else who is also using Skype. It's free and easy to download and use and works with most computers. Every day, millions of people use Skype to chat with friends and family, hold business meetings, and, benefit from hypnotherapy.

What do you need?

All you need to get up and running with Skype are an internet connection (broadband is best), a speaker/speakers and a microphone, built-in or separate and a webcam to make video calls. Last but not least, you'll require the latest version of Skype for your device.

You can download the latest Skype software for free by clicking below.

Are hypnotherapy sessions via Skype any different to those conducted in person?

In a word, no. If you decide to book a single or multiple sessions of hypnotherapy via Skype, you can rest assured that you'll receive the same professional and highly personalised service that I give to clients visiting me at my UK-based practices.

Modern webcams and audio technology coupled with powerful, free Skype software ensure that the sessions we have together will produce results just as quickly and effectively as those delivered in person.

How to book-

Booking couldn't be easier. Simply contact me using any of the methods given on the 'Get in Touch' page of this website. I'll need your name, location and a few details about what it is I can help you with. I'll then confirm available dates and times for your appointment. Once an appointment has been fixed, payment can be made by bank transfer. 

Book your first Skype hypnotherapy session now! It's just like having me in the same room!


Neville Mundy BSc (hons), MSc, C Hyp, Dip EH P NLP, MFHT