If you're finally ready to lose weight, please read on...

Normal to lose between 2lbs and 3lbs a week...without dieting!

One of the areas in which I have significant expertise and experience is weight loss. I see many clients who have struggled with their weight for years. Most have tried some kind of diet. Many have attended so-called weight loss groups. Some have succeeded in losing weight. However, none have managed to keep it off. When clients come to see me, it's normal for them to lose between 2lbs and 3lbs a week from the start...without dieting! And these changes are permanent!

'Thank you so much for what you have done for me. When I first saw you, my only thought was to lose a little weight. I was expecting a script for the hypnotherapy and perhaps a tape to listen to at home. I could not have been more wrong. You have cured me of problems I have had for fifty years. My OCD has gone completely. I have started to reduce my antidepressants and, just to put the icing on the cake, I am losing weight. Thank you does not seem enough for changing my whole outlook on life and helping me wake up every morning looking forward to the day ahead. I would recommend you to anyone.' Female, 54

How it works-

When we overeat, we do so for emotional reasons. Insecurity, guilt, fear and anger to name just a few. Sometimes we're aware of what these reasons are. Often however, you can just find yourself being irresistibly drawn towards the snack cupboard for no obvious reason.

The emotions responsible for driving these urges to eat more than we physically need are created in the unconscious part of your mind. They're outside your conscious control and, because of this, so-called willpower usually falls by the wayside.

Hypnosis allows us to connect with the part of your mind responsible for creating the emotions which cause you to overeat. Once this connection has been made, the 'faulty' programs that are running the habit can be identified and changed. It really is as simple as that!

'I remember being teased at school about my weight and the taunts didn't stop when I started working. I tried everything. Weightwatchers, counselling, accupuncture...I even joined a gym. Nothing worked. My confidence was at an all time low. Then I saw your details on the internet. I had some trepidation to start with, but I know after my first session that I had made the right decision. Four months later, I've lost a massive four stones! I feel better than ever. Thank you for all your help!' Male, 39

How much weight will I be able to lose?

By the time we are born, we are already genetically programmed to achieve and maintain our optimum body weight; a weight that we'll generally be happy with. Problems arise however when this genetic blueprint is overridden by emotionally-charged programs which result in overeating.

When you come to see me, we'll strip away these troublesome programs and your weight will naturally and effortlessly reduce until you reach your ideal shape and size. And all this with no dieting, calorie counting or excessive exercise!

Why gastric band hypnotherapy doesn't work for weight loss-

Many hypnotherapists offer gastric band hypnotherapy as a means of losing weight. I'm not one of them. Gastric band hypnotherapy involves trying to persuade a person's unconscious mind that they have a real gastric band fitted in an attempt to reduce the amount of food consumed. The problem with this approach is that no effort is made by the therapist to discover and put right the real reasons why the individual overeats in the first place and why the excess weight cannot be reduced.

All gastric band hypnotherapy is scripted. In other words, every client has to listen to the same hypnotic suggestions, regardless of age, sex, background and what their motivations and goals are. A 'one size fits all' approach if ever there was one. No pun intended! And anyone embarking on a course of gastric band hypnotherapy will have to pay hundreds of pounds...upfront! The vast majority of my clients achieve their target weight following a treatment programme of only around three sessions!

If you would like to lose weight, I will treat you as an individual. I will work with you to modify your eating habits and change your relationship with food...forever! And without ever mentioning a gastric band!

This is what was said by a lady who had already spent hundreds of pounds on gastric band hypnotherapy and had lost less than 2lbs:

'Thank you for all you have done for me. In all, I had five sessions of gastric band hypnotherapy with another therapist and only lost just over a pound in weight. What a waste of money that was. I came to see you for only three sessions and two months later I've lost over a stone and am almost at my target weight!'

Let me help you achieve the body of your dreams! Phone me now on 01803 842 464 to book your unique weight loss sessions!

Neville Mundy BSc (hons), MSc, C Hyp, Dip EH P NLP, MFHT