Hypnosis is THE most effective way of giving up smoking

And that's a fact!

In 1992, the highly regarded New Scientist reported that hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking. The same article concluded that willpower counts for very little.

Why hypnosis is so effective-

Think of your mind as comprising two parts: your conscious mind and your unconscious mind. You use your conscious mind to analyse and think things through. It's also the part of the mind we associate with 'willpower.' Your unconscious mind on the other hand drives emotions and habits and is incredibly powerful.

Problems arise when you consciously want one thing (e.g. to give up smoking), but your unconscious mind wants another. When such conflicts arise, it's nearly always your unconscious mind that wins. So called willpower may work for a while, but will gradually be eroded by the power of your unconscious mind. This is the reason why most smokers find it so difficult to stay stopped.

One of the great things about using hypnosis to give up smoking is that it bypasses your conscious mind and allows carefully crafted suggestions to enter and become embedded in your unconscious mind. These suggestions continue to exert a very powerful effect and enable you to remain a non-smoker...for good!

'Thanks for helping me kick the habit. As you know, I'd tried to give up before, but without any success. I have to admit being a little sceptical af first, but since having the session with you, I've not felt the need to have a cigarette at all.' Male, 33

Scripts are not the answer-

The vast majorty of hypnotherapists are inherently lazy when it comes to treating smokers. They'll use the same old script for everyone they see. The big problem with this approach is that it fails to take account of the highly personal reasons why an individual smokes. These hypnotherapists effectively view smoking as an empty habit; i.e. one which doesn't provide any kind of benefit.

There's no such thing as an empty habit...

and that includes smoking! Maybe you smoke because it seems to relax you. Perhaps smoking helps you face difficult situations. Or are you one of those smokers who uses the habit as an excuse to 'slip-off' for ten minutes, gather your thoughts and focus on a specific problem or issue.

The unique way in which I work and how I'll help you quit...for good!

When you come to see me, I'll treat you as an individual, not just as another client wanting to become a non-smoker. I'll work with you to identify and understand the reasons why you smoke, when you smoke, and, just as importantly, those times when you don't feel a need to smoke.

If you smoke to relax, we'll look at healthier, but realistic ways of relaxing and build suggestions to engage in these alternatives into the therapy. If smoking's been providing you with the opportunity for 'me time', we'll come up with better ways of integrating that into your day. By working in this way and acknowledging the 'habit drivers', quitting becomes a cinch.

'It's been three months since I saw you and I've not smoked at all!' Female, 52

Powerful hypnotic suggestions-

Once we've covered the groundwork, I'll tailor the hypnotherapy just to you. When you're in hypnosis, I'll deliver powerful hypnotic suggestions that ensure you quit smoking there and then...for good!

All this in just one session!

As long as you want to give up, the likelihood is that after the hour-long session with me, you'll never smoke again! That may seem hard to believe, but remember, we're working with your unconscious mind here, the part which is so immensely powerful when it comes to making positive changes.

Does it really cost only £95? Are there any catches?

No, there aren't any catches and yes, the cost really is just £95. If you smoke just ten ready-rolled cigarettes a day, you'll recoup this in a little over three weeks!

My guarantee to you-

It's highly unlikely, but if, over the next four weeks you do smoke following your session, or just think you might smoke, then I guarantee I'll see you again, at no further cost!

Take the first step to becoming a non-smoker by phoning me now on 01803 842 464.



Neville Mundy BSc (hons), MSc, C Hyp, Dip EH P NLP, MFHT