Hypnotherapy often works when nothing else has

I'm often the last resort-

Hypnotherapy can help even if other therapies have been unsuccessful. I frequently see clients who have tried all kinds of treatment, but without feeling any better. Counselling, Reiki, accupuncture, spititual healing, to name just a few.

'I've been spreading the word about Hypnotherapy and my positive experience of it and as a consequence almost all your flyers are gone already! So next time you are in town if you want to, please drop some more off. Thank you again for your good work-it has really released me from something that was binding me down in so many ways. All the very best.' Comments received from female, 50 successfully treated for excessive alcohol consumption, lack of motivation and depression.

Doesn't it make sense to start with the mind?

As you're reading these words, you're not having to think about your breathing, or your pulse rate, or your digestive system. All of these automatic processes are controlled by your unconscious mind. This is the part of your mind which also generates your emotions. You don't choose to feel anxious, or depressed, or suffer from obsessive thoughts. These states are driven unconsciously. This is one of the reasons why hypnotherapy is so effective; it works at an unconscious level. It's also the reason why hypnotherapy can often treat physical conditions which have not responded to other interventions.

 Hi Neville. Just thought you may like an update: Went skiing and actually looked forward to going on the ski lifts and cable cars! Thank you. Email received from male, 53 successfully treated for fear of heights.

Just some of the problems I've treated successfully in adults and children:

Excess weight

► Smoking

► Fears and phobias

► Addictions, including alcohol, gambling, recreational/non-recreational drugs and pornography

► Migraine

► Post-traumatic stress

► Stammering

► Tinnitus


► Arthritis

► Bladder control and bed wetting

► Stress

► Coeliac disease and other autoimmune conditions

► Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

► Infertility and problems conceiving

► Thumb sucking

► High blood pressure

► Psychosis

► Anxiety

► Depression

► Insomnia


► Lack of confidence

► Allergies 

► Food intolerances

► Sexual difficulties, including erectile problems, premature ejaculation, changes in desire and pain

Hi Neville. As you can see, I now have a computer! As promised, I am contacting you to let you know that on Monday 4th of March it will be 6 weeks without even thinking of having a drink. I can't thank you enough! Male, 48

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Neville Mundy BSc (hons), MSc, C Hyp, Dip EH P NLP, MFHT