Don't just take my word for it

This page provides a selection of the testimonials and letters of thanks received from recent clients. All wording remains unchanged, although names and any other identifying features have been omitted.

'Food had been a total obsession for as long as I can remember and I was unable to consume the smallest amounts without feeling compelled to purge. My weight had progressively reduced to below six stones and I was on the verge of being hospitalised. After only two sessions with you, my self-esteem and confidence began to return. Another two sessions and I started to look forwards to meal times. The purging has now stopped, I feel really positive about the future and my weight is almost seven and a half stones. Thank you ever so much for the hypnotherapy treatment.' Female, 27 (anorexia and bulimia)

'I had my Textiles exam last month. In the morning, I felt fine and slept well the night before. Going into the exam, I felt comfortable and calm. Today, I had my Medical Physics exam and, again, I slept well and felt calm in the morning. There is no other way to describe it, other than calm. I didn't feel tense and my muscles didn't hurt. I felt completely in control the whole time.' Female, 19 (exam nerves)

'Thank you for all you've done for Sam. He's feeling so much better about going to school and his marks have really improved.' (Comments received from mother of schoolboy, age 7 successfully treated for a lack of confidence)

'I got to Italy and back without any problems. I am so pleased, even my sons noticed a difference in me. I am also still losing weight and am finding it easy. It's great not having to think about food all the time. I felt really proud of myself in Italy. I only had one ice cream. My son, who loves ice cream had one every day. He thought I was poorly, until I explained I did not fancy it much anymore. Thank you so much.' Female, 58 (travel-related anxiety and weight)

'Brilliant! It certainly took away the desire to smoke.' Female, 48 (smoking)

'I'd just like to say that after the session, I felt alive and uplifed, as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Thanks.' Male, 25 (anger issues)

'A dry bed every morning. Great!' (Feedback received from mother of girl, age 6 successfully treated for a bed wetting problem)

'After the first visit, my consumption reduced radically. After the second visit, I stopped drinking completely. To conclude- a complete success. I enjoy the renewed sense of control which comes with not drinking. As importantly, my confidence has returned, along with an increased feeling of self-worth. Thank you.' Female, 53 (excessive alcohol consumption)

'No more snoring! Thanks.' Female, 37 (snoring)

'Thank you for all your help. It was a great experience.' Female, 16 (anxiety and lack of motivation)

'My moods have been stable and no more psychotic episodes. Thank you for everything you did for me.' Female, 53 (depression and psychosis)

'I stopped smoking permanently after just one session.' Male, 52 (smoking)

'You will be pleased to hear that I am feeling much more confident. Thank you for your help and the best of luck with your practice.' Female, 73 (lack of confidence)

'We had an amazing holiday and I have now conquered my fears. Everything went really well and I didn't feel any fear when I went through the tunnel or on the train. I was really pleased with myself and feel a lot more confident now.' Female, 56 (claustrophobia and depression)

'Thank you so much for what you have done for me. When I first saw you, my only thought was to lose a little weight. I was expecting a script for the hypnotherapy and perhaps a tape to listen to at home. I could not have been more wrong. You have cured me of problems I have had for fifty years. My OCD has gone completely. I have started to reduce my antidepressants and, just to put the icing on the cake, I am losing weight. Thank you does not seem enough for changing my whole outlook on life and helping me wake up every morning looking forward to the day ahead. I would recommend you to anyone.' Female, 54 (excess weight, OCD and depression)

'Following our session on Friday, things have been improving greatly. General anxiety has gone down remarkably and I have stopped taking Imodium, so all is looking positive.' Female, 27 (IBS and anxiety)

'I can't believe that after just two sessions with you, I've managed to stop taking sleeping tablets that I relied on for over twenty years. Thank you for giving me my life back.' Male, 50 (insomnia)

'The awful flashbacks which I suffered from for years have gone and for the first time since I can remember, I'm looking forward to the future. Thank you.' Male, 62 (post traumatic stress disorder)

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Neville Mundy BSc (hons), MSc, C Hyp, Dip EH P NLP, MFHT